Catering Menu

Good Morning Continental Breakfast 

A fresh baked assortment of muffins, bagels, danishes, croissants with preserves, butter

and assorted juices, coffee/tea.


With fresh fruit tray

add $2.50/person.


Appetizing Trays 

Vegetable Garden, crunchy garden fresh vegetables served with our tangy dip.

Small (10 people) $29.95  

Large (20 people) $59.95 


Classic Sandwich Platter 

Perfect sized sandwiches for business lunches. 

A combination of deli meats and dairy

fillings served on gourmet buns,

soft tortillas and pitas.



Sandwich platters with Two Salads 

Assorted sandwiches with condiments.

Minimum 10 People.



L.A. Club Platter 

Free-range Marinated Chicken Breast stacked with tomato, lettuce, and served on fresh baguette with your choice of one salad.



From the Garden 

Mounds of refreshing Iceberg, Romaine, Radicchio tossed with top quality vegetables

and dressed with our savory dressings.

(min.10 people)

Garden Salad $3.50/person,

Caesar Salad $3.95/person,

Greek Salad $3.95/person,

Organic Salad $4.25/person,

Mediterranean Pasta Salad $3.95/person,

Potato Salad $3.95/person,

Coleslaw  $3.95/person.


Vegetarian Symphony Platter

Marinated grilled vegetables, egg salad,

solid white tuna, sockeye salmon and

cream cheese, served with hummus,

alfalfa sprouts on pita, baguette,

multi grain buns, soft tortillas.


* Hot Meals 

Marinated Chicken Breast. $8.95/person,

Chicken Parmigiana $9.95/person.


Delimark Cafe Barbeque 

We can organize a company B.B.Q.

Choose from Hamburgers, Steaks, Hot Dogs, Sausage, Chicken Breast, Corn on the cob,

assorted salads, fruit and dessert trays,

beverages and much more...

Starting at $9.95 per person. 


Meat or Vegetarian Lasagna with Salad. 

Meat lasagna-browned ground beef and

herbs with cheese blends between

layered pasta and red sauce.

Vegetarian lasagna-layered pasta, cheese blends, assorted vegetables and sauce.

(min. 20) $9.95/person.


Fruit and Cheese Ensemble 

A colourful mixture of international

cheeses and fresh fruits served with

an array of crackers.

Cheese tray only also available. 

Small (15 people) $44.95  

Large (25 people) $74.95


Fresh Fruit Platter 

A delicious blend of seasonal fruit.

Fruit selection will vary seasonally but

typically will include melon slices, such as cantaloupe and honeydew, strawberries, grapes, and pineapple.

Small (15 people) $45

Large (25 people) $75


Assorted Gourmet Cookies 

Oatmeal raisin, white chocolate chunk, chocolate chunk, dark chocolate chunk.



Assorted Mini Pastry Tray

Nanaimo Bars, Chocolate Brownies,

Carrot Cakes, Tarts, Rice Crispy Squares.

(14 to 18 people) $19.95/doz. 



Coffee/Tea $1.50

Milk (2% or Chocolate) $1.50

Assorted Soft Drinks $1.25

Bottled Water $1.25

Assorted Juices $1.50

Choose the location to email your order (please include your phone #)

Or phone one of our many locations. 

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* Hot meals come with potatoes or rice, vegetables, all condiments, warmer dishes, and disposable place settings.

Cancellation of order requires a 24 hours notice or subject to 50% surcharge.

Allow 24 hours when placing your order.


Minimum order 10 people. Local delivery $10.00. Prices subject to change. Items may vary due to seasonal availability.

Applicable taxes not included. Major credit cards accepted.