DeliMark Café, is co-owned and operated by its principal investors, Tony Palandra and Peter Andreakos. Together the achievements of these individuals, a combination of close to 75 years of experience within the food service and catering industry has made Delimark Café a franchise of 20 locations a success. Our Head Office is located at 1365 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4T 2P7.


As a retailer of quality and tasty breakfast, lunch, snack and beverage products, we use only the very finest ingredients that are supplied  by pre-tested and pre-approved suppliers. Our Cafés provide quality and consistency of product, fresh menu ideas, innovative design, coffee and condiment islands, discount offerings with customer loyalty programs. Our Friendly and Smart Serve Certified uniformed staff members under-go extensive training prior to hire. Our customers are always greeted with respect and genuine interest. Our franchise facilities have been designed to offer contemporary yet casual environments which allows our customers to move freely. Once your order is received and you pay the cashier, you then easily move from the main counter to the condiment and coffee/tea island. 


In some of the facilities, leather couches with television sets complement the already cleverly designed space. Our Café design has successfully provided a unique environment for optimal tenant interaction and relationship-building opportunities and will continue to impress both customers and facility management groups as we move into the future.

Delimark Café is known as a team of expert event producers specializing in custom designed corporate event catering. We provide and promote catering at each of our 20 franchise locations. All of our Delimark Cafés well-trained, and highly professional staff members excel as event planners. For over a decade, our clients have expressed their gratitude for the success of their catered corporate events. The success in catering and our franchise locations is due to the expertise of the franchises ownership, Delimark Cafés owners and a highly-developed and creative group of food service experts.


Head Office is always ready to help and is in contact with each of it’s locations to ensure that mandated policies and procedures are carried out efficiently and effectively.


Making a Difference.


Our fully equipped kitchens include 100% biodegradable and compost-able

disposables including ceramic plates and sugar cane take-out containers and cooking accessories. 

Organic waste bins are on-site to recycle all daily food waste, such as coffee grounds and

vegetable scraps. Vegetable oil is stored so it can be picked up and transported to a recycling plant. 

Delimark Cafés goal is to provide and carry out all necessary avenues

in becoming a 100% waste diversion organization.

Go Green with Delimark.


Have a great cup of coffee while helping the environment.